HIPPA Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), passed by Congress in 1996, was created to ensure the continuity of health benefits for all individuals. Title II of the HIPAA regulations require healthcare providers to establish and follow procedures and practices that ensure the confidentiality and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) when it is transferred, received, handled, or shared.

LarX Comm provides a secure, HIPAA capable messaging platform that connects healthcare professionals, their staff, patients, and ancillary service providers to facilitate communication and collaboration. There are contracting and organizational responsibility assignments that must be completed between LarX and a Covered Entity as defined in HIPAA.

The network architecture of LarX Comm allows an organization to specify and customize its own secure, private network that meets its organizational and regulatory requirements. As such, LarX does not fit the definition of a Covered Entity or a Business Associate. We act merely as a conduit for the information and do not even access the information on a random or infrequent basis which exceeds the requirements as set out in the Federal Register, Vol. 75, No. 134, p. 40873. LarX is dedicated to the privacy and security of its customer’s information and we do our best to ensure that our applications exceed the current HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements.