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Patient-centric Communications

LarX Comm brings the patent-pending internetwork connectivity of MoveUP to the LarX system, bridging systematic hurdles to connect providers and support systems no matter where they reside. When combined with LarX Care, the patient is enabled to navigate a truly personalized pathway in order to live their absolute best life.

Harnessing the Power of Connections

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A secure national platform of communication

Differentiate and secure your communications within your organization.

  • HIPPA Compliant Private Networks for internal collaboration
  • National Provider Network bridges services into one harmoniously interconnected community

Unified Potential, Inc

Unified Potential, Inc. is a non-profit organization that designs and implements collaborative programs to provide genuine benefit to all, primarily by building real-world community solutions.

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Open Health Innovations

Open Health Innovations provides healthcare organizations, NGOs, small non-profits and commercial enterprises with the open technology and best practices for them to accomplish their missions. We do this by connecting all forms of their stakeholders in clinical and non-clinical ways.

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Salmon Upstream

Developing technology solutions for community health using humane programming techniques specifically aiming to enhance the quality of life of all.

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